Make it grey.

The 2022 Grey Day Collection


As one of the pioneers of lifestyle influencing in the region, Mahmoud Sidani aka Mr. Moudz covers various disciplines from fashion to travel. Having launched his own fashion consultancy in 2015, he continues to build on his brand and develop the wider scene in the region.

Breaking down the power of grey, Sidani explains, “The color grey is monumental to me. It’s the perfect balance between day and night, between right and wrong.” With New Balance built on acceptance and unity, the positivity the campaign represents resonates with him. “Inclusivity is everything to me, so I think every day should be grey day.”


Taking social media by storm with her viral comedy sketches, leading Saudi Arabian content creator Amy Roko continues to go from strength to strength. A proud wearer of the niqab — a traditional face veil — Roko has been steadily pushing for social acceptance of the garment, being an influential figure for young women in the region.

With “Grey Day” honored as a celebration of self-expression and individuality, recruiting Roko was a logical step. Speaking on the importance of fashion she explains, “Since I can’t use my face to express myself, it has to be fashion.”


Having featured in Marvel’s latest Moon Knight, rising Dubai-based, Egyptian DJ Kaboo bridges the gap between the East and West. For the self-proclaimed “Arab Trap King,” repackaging popular sounds in a way that appeals to an audience he’s familiar with is his calling.

“DJing, music production, working out — that’s how I balance my life,” Kaboo says. Really living what he works, his love for music runs deep in his veins, “Music is everything. When I’m going through anything music can calm me down or hype me up. So the answer is music, simple.”

Grey Day Collection

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